Why you should start playing Sit&Go at PPPoker

In the variety of gaming disciplines on the PPPoker platform, Sit and Gos are also available. For SNG beginners it is a perfect opportunity to get into the game. This variety especially attracts players from Asian countries, who play poker mostly for fun.
Why you should start playing Sit&Go at PPPoker

Let's try to understand the features of Sit and Go, and also try to understand which strategies will be more profitable if you play on PPPoker:
In the CIS tournaments for pp poker the range of participants starts from 2, but not more than 99 players. Pppoker does not require registration in advance for the tournament, you only need to register for a series, and then wait for the required number of opponents. All this will take you no more than a couple of minutes.

Such tournaments always end quite quickly, after an hour or two of the game the champion is already known. But keep in mind that in SNG tournaments there is a kind of winnings limit, its value depends only on the size of the buy-in, which multiplies the prize pool. Prize payout zones on PPPoker can reach up to half of the total number of participants.

There are many variations of Sit and Go tournaments, all of them are characterized by several indicators:
- The amount of the buy-in. The cost of entering a tournament can be as much as a couple of dollars, or several times more.
- Variety of game. Online game at PPPoker in SNGs is presented in classic Holdem, Omaha and PineApple.

CIS game strategies
A feature of such tournaments is the lack of the possibility of rebuying. Knowing this information, you need to focus on the number of players in the tournament. For example, if it's heads-up, then the range of all-in hands is much higher than in a regular 9-max tournament.
Aggressive lines of play will look attractive here, Sit and Go is essentially the final stage of a classic MTT tournament. Try to play carefully, but boldly, this is the perfect balance. The lineups of the CIS tournaments are very diverse, on your way you will meet both beginners and experienced players.

Do I need to take part in the CIS tournaments?
It is best for beginners to improve skills in the game at regular tables, gradually accumulating useful experience and knowledge. After some time, you can try your hand at tournaments. In any case, SNGs at PPPoker are a great chance to play good poker and make good money in a short amount of time.