What prevents you from growing in poker limits?

Our friends from one well-known backing fund recently conducted an interesting survey among their students:
What prevents you from growing in poker limits?

What doesn’t let you grow in limits?

Why do you quit studying after a few days or weeks?

What questions were never answered and why?

What are you working on right now?

Thanks to this survey, now we know the main problems, what prevents us from increasing the limits in poker? We managed to form TOP 4 problems:

1. Lack of patience (discipline).

When you play well for half a tournament, and then bam, there’s a veil in front of your eyes - you start bluffing your opponent’s entire stack into the nuts... Or it’s just hard for you to sit through a session of 6-10 hours.

2. No bankroll. 

When playing freerolls is not interesting, but there is no opportunity to afford to play at higher limits

3. The nerves from constant moving are getting worse. 

Here, a quote from one of the subscribers is better than a few lines of explanation:

“I’m losing motivation to suck all the time.”

4. No understanding of how to study.

Often, even among top streamers, you can come across a story where they do not play as well as they explain and teach their viewers. And in general, it’s difficult to figure out which streamer is good and which is a gambler, because many sit and tell things with a serious face. It’s a similar story with coaches and training courses... For example, many of you downloaded the BENCB879 courses at one time, but did this training help you start playing at high stakes? It’s doubtful, because even in the training materials within the same course there are many contradictions (especially if you compare them with the way how BENCB879 plays

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