Formula for winning calls in poker (part 2)

In poker, mathematics is not as complicated as you might think! It seems to you that all these “spectra”, “equity”, “% of equity realized”, “pot odds” are some kind of matrices from higher mathematics, but in fact the whole poker is a comparison of two numbers, one of which you always know, and the second of which you can quickly figure out.
Formula for winning calls in poker (part 2)

Do you want to consistently earn at least $1000 a month from poker? You need to learn how to make mathematically positive actions, and not to call intuitively, like 80% of players.

From the last post you know that for a positive call you need to know 3 numbers: 

  1. Pot odds (odds). 
  2. % of your hand's winnings (equity). 
  3. Estimated pot odds (implied odds).

You need to learn the pot odds of calling and the equity of unmade hands, these are constant numbers. Tables for remembering these numbers are available on the Internet.

The call will be positive if Equity > Bank odds of calling.

But why do poker pros make negative calls with unmade hands?

For example, calling an OESD on the turn that has 18% equity against a 2/3 pot bet that gives the pot odds of calling at 27%? It's all about implied pot odds (implies) and your ability to win extra money on the next street.

Why do some players start in poker and in 1 year earn $3000-$5000-$10000 per month, while others remain at micro-limits? We often hear answers that it’s a matter of: discipline, winning strategy, poker psychology. All these answers are correct - without them you will not be able to make money from poker.

But what is the key element that makes you learn poker strategy, train in a disciplined way, and conquer your inner tilt demons?

The key element that launches the necessary processes that allow you to earn effortlessly from $1k/month is... faith. Om-mm! No, we are not talking about faith in the Lord God or blind faith in luck. It's about believing in yourself, your strengths and the fact that you will be able to make money from poker. If you truly DO NOT believe that you can make money playing poker, then how will you learn winning strategy every day, work on psychology and grind hands even when you are playing downstreak?

Faith in yourself and your strength appears when you see that:

  1. The goal is achievable. Your skills and knowledge are enough to achieve it.
  2. The goal was achieved by the same people as you, and maybe even with worse input data.

Before you read the previous post, “The Formula for Profiting Calls,” you might have thought that poker math was complicated. And now you know that for mathematically accurate solutions it is enough to compare 2 numbers that you can estimate in 20 seconds.

You may feel that you are too: “stupid/unteachable/unlucky” for poker, “have been playing for a long time without results/started playing recently” or you are too “old/young”. This is not so, it all depends only on you and on your belief in yourself, and just a little math.

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