When to 3-bet?

Is 3-betting profitable aggression? Certainly! Without this technique, we wouldn’t get enough at any stakes. But when is it appropriate to do it? Let's analyze two key situations: value bet and bluffing.
When to 3-bet?

When 3-betting for value-bet, we bet with strong hands: high pairs from jacks to aces, suited and unsuited ace-king and ace-queen. In this case, we have two goals: to take the pot without a fight, or, on the contrary, to disperse it, having received a call from weaker hands.

By bluffing 3-bet, we have only one goal - to make the opponent fold and take the pot without a fight. In this case, combos with aces, suited connectors and low pairs are great, since in the case of a call, we can still pair our cards with the board.

As for 3-bet sizes, in almost all cases it depends only on the playing style of your opponents. In some cases, 2x -3x of the opponent's bet may be enough to make the opponent give up, and in others, 4x of the bet will not be enough to take the pot!

Conclusion: always keep an eye on your opponents, because they will give us the most information - is it worth it to 3bet and what size to choose!

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