What is a squeeze?

Squeeze in poker is a special technique that is used preflop. It is in demand both in tournaments and cash games. Those who go through training lessons on how to play the game will definitely encounter this technique.
What is a squeeze?

A squeeze is a re-raise that is made after one or more players have called the previous bet. A clear situation may be when a participant from an early position raises the previous bet, gets a call from a late position, and after that the one who puts the big blind reraises.

With short stacks, the squeeze goes all-in. The situation is somewhat different, if the stacks are large, then the reraise is performed by an impressive size. Everything directly depends on the current situation. The success of a squeeze is not tied to the cards that come to the player during the deal.

The effectiveness of the squeeze method can be most felt in situations where the stacks become relatively short. This must be taken into account when using this technique for playing poker.

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