What is a complete?

Poker players name complete as the call of the big blind by the player with SB. The number of limpers before the action doesn't matter. You can make it on preflop. This is a useful move to see the flop with minimal pot investment. It can be used as a bluff. The move is especially useful to learn in the early stages. At the microlimits, opponents will perceive it as a weak action and will begin to behave accordingly. According to statistics in hands against a complete, opponents who misjudged the situation often lose the pot.
What is a complete?

There are several situations where limp from the small blind is a good decision. It allows you to increase the equity of a weak hand and turn a negative EV into a positive one. It's more efficient to complete when previous opponents have folded and the player is left 1v1 with the big blind. The last opponent will check rather than raise after a limp. Additionally, the action is beneficial to perform with weak connectors and suited cards. Raising with them is the risk of losing a big stack. The move can be used with strong cards against an aggressive opponent in the BB who will raise. It's worth doing it heads-up. The multipot greatly reduces the equity of even the nut aces.

When playing a complete, you need to take into account the disadvantages of the move. It is often played in the hope of improving post-flop cards or hitting the nuts. You need to be prepared that this will not happen and instead of a probable straight or flush, the poker player will see a maximum draw or will not hit the board and remain with the highest card. Finally, you need to remember that on the flop the player will be out of position and will make the first move.

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