Top 15 tips on how to beat micro-limits (part_1)

People ask us all the time how to beat micro limits in poker. And despite the fact that the game gets harder every year, you don't need a degree to beat micro-limits. At the micro-limits, as before, there are a huge number of absolute beginners who constantly make gross fundamental mistakes. That is why any more or less adequate regular will be able to destroy this sweet field. However, for a number of different reasons, many people still cannot win even in these seemingly simplest games. That's why in today's post we want to give you the 15 best strategic recommendations on how to beat micros in 2023.
Top 15 tips on how to beat micro-limits (part_1)
  1. Stop subtilizing

One of the main reasons why many seemingly smart players can't get out of the microstakes mire is that they make things too complicated. We call this “sophisticated game syndrome.”
After tilt, this problem is the main reason why most thinking players never beat the micro limits.
You have to understand that micro-stakes are the very bottom of poker, and many of the players here are either completely unfamiliar with strategy or play on a very basic intuitive level. So your level 10 non-Grean mentality with which you check-raise the river as a bluff will not work against these guys. More often, your “elegant” bluffs will simply be revealed, and you will once again be angry that these idiots don’t know how to play poker!
Although in reality it will be your mistake, since you were the one who failed to recognize your opponent and understand that your advanced strategy will not work against him.

  1. Extract maximum value

And this is the next important tip for overcoming the micro limits. It partially relates to the first point.
Since you often won't be able to bluff big at the micros because “calling stations” will be playing against you, you have to compensate by collecting value.
That is, every time you have a strong hand, you should not slowplay with it. Moreover, you must collect not only thick value, but also thin value. After all, bad calls are one of the main problems of most players at these limits

  1. Don't pay nits

Another important skill you need to learn at the micros is learning how to fold when you're beat. And the easiest way is to hero-fold  against nits. The point is that nits are very tight players who only bet and raise big and aggressively with really strong hands (i.e. the best hands). In other words, nits rarely bluff. And they will be some of the most common players at the micro stakes. As hard as it may seem for a micro-stakes player, you should fold against a nit in most cases. Saved money is the same as won money. Once you learn not to pay nits, your results will immediately be head and shoulders above the results of the field.

  1. Always know who is the fish at the table

As you know, fish are our main source of income in poker.
Despite the fact that there are still a lot of bad players at the micro-limits, the field has become a little stronger by 2023, and therefore it is not always possible to find a fat fish by opening a random table. That is why it is always important to make sure that at least one fat fish with a VPIP of 60%+ is sitting at the table with you.
If you don't have the ability to use statistics, then simply look for players who play too many hands, limp a lot, use a crooked bet size, or have an incomplete stack.

  1. Keep fish and aggressive regs on the right and nits on the left

There is one more useful tip that will help you spend time at the tables in a more comfortable and profitable way. As a general rule, you should try to sit at the table with a fish or aggressive regular to your right.
The point is that by being in position on the fish, you will further increase your edge over him, being able to value-bet and pot-control more effectively.
And sitting in position on an aggressive regular is even more important. After all, there is nothing more annoying in poker than an aggressive 3-better on the left who constantly prevents you from opening, stealing, isolating fish, etc.
Always remember that poker is not a competition of egos. There is no point in getting stuck in an obviously losing situation with the reg sitting to your left. Do yourself a favor and change your seat or just leave the table, fortunately there is always a wide selection of them at the micro stakes.
You may ask, who then is better to sit on your left? It's simple - nits. They play very tight and not particularly aggressive, so they won't give you too much trouble. Moreover, they will allow you to steal their blinds more boldly.

  1. Bluff weak regs on the turn and river

Many people will tell you that you should never bluff at the micro-stakes. Yes, on the whole this will be a good tip against most of the field. But since the field has strengthened a bit in recent years, this gives us additional opportunities to bluff against weak regulars, like the nits we talked about above.
Again nits will be the best targets for bluffs because they hate putting a lot of money into a pot without a strong hand more than anything else.
You have to keep barreling because this ace will be a scary card for a nit and so he will often fold hands like 99, TT, 8x and sometimes even Qx.
The ability to force weak regs to fold hands which are stronger than yours is a very important skill for breaking through the micro-stakes. And in general, this is important at any limit.

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