Set your poker goals in a right way

Regardless of the limits played, each poker player keeps a certain set of goals in his head. It can be a bar in the form of a sum of money that he would like to earn by the end of the year, or a desire to leave a non-favourite and boring job, devoting himself entirely to the game, even a banal increase in limits is already an excellent goal. The main thing to remember is that when setting your own goals, there are certain traps that slow down and even don’t let you achieve the result. In this article, we will go over some important tips that will allow you to avoid these traps.
Set your poker goals in a right way

✅ Goals must be completely controlled by us
Try to reflect on the goals you have set for yourself. Will luck or the result of your efforts be the decisive factor on the path to success? One way or another, a certain percentage of luck is always present in every process of our life. And if we can still somehow control the technical component of the issue, then the luck factor is already an extremely unpredictable element. Therefore, when setting goals, we must correctly place emphasis, based on experience, knowledge and our skills, while excluding such a variable as an element of luck as much as possible.
Let's say that your goal is to move up the limits and start playing tournaments at higher prices, while increasing the size of your bankroll several times. Such a goal is not completely controlled by us, the factor of luck will play a decisive role here. Playing 5-10 hours a day, while doing several hours of theory every day, such a word as dispersion can easily undermine your plans at the very beginning of your journey, causing a painful blow to your bankroll. The damage can be colossal and will push you back a few steps, even further away from achieving your goal. 
There are always several points of view in any issue, try to approach the issue of setting a specific goal from the other side, turning the path to it into an exciting completion of certain simple tasks. Let's say you calculated that on the way to your goal you need to devote more than 1 hour to studying the game every day, while at the same time playing 4-5 tournaments. The focus of your attention will be redirected to actions in which the element of luck is excluded. To carry out a certain program of actions described above, we do not need luck, we need to be patient and just do everything according to our plan.

✅ Stop putting off important things
Think about it, has it ever happened to you that you absolutely pointlessly watch some kind of course or training video on the Internet, and at that time a complete lack of understanding of what is happening is hovering in your head?
It is important not to fall into this insidious trap. At some point, you will have enough knowledge and experience to start practicing. But it will be much easier to be tempted to buy another training course, watch a couple more workouts, or study a few videos on the Internet, instead of taking actions. The comprehension of new knowledge is an opportunity to grow, but the lack of application of this knowledge in practice will lead to the absence of progress and constant procrastination. 
One of the most effective ways to avoid getting into such a trap is to constantly plan all the processes in life. If you have poker training in your plans for today, try to plan those moments that you would like to work with a coach in as many details as possible. Make sure that these 1-2 hours of classes are as productive as possible for you, make constant notes during the training, trying to imagine at what moments you would apply the knowledge you just learned in practice.
No one needs this systematic and committed approach to learning and goal setting but you. It is you who must understand that by adhering to a clear and competent position in training, over time, you can get certain results in the form of increased limits and bankroll.