Pros and cons of building a career as a professional poker player

The golden days of the 2000s, when the sky was bluer and there were countless fish players at the gaming table, are unfortunately behind us. They were replaced by tens of thousands of hot and young guys, eager to storm the heights of the poker Olympus daily, both online and in the live game.
Pros and cons of building a career as a professional poker player

Despite this, in 2023 you can still find quite a good game. For example, in the Suprema Poker application, there is a sufficient number of frankly weak players from Brazil and similar countries for whom poker is primarily a hobby. But this is not about that now, in this article we will talk about the pros and cons of being a poker pro and analyze each of the sides in detail.

Pros of being a professional poker player
One of the most obvious reasons would be the opportunity to do what you really enjoy. This is also the explanation why some poker players have achieved very impressive results - they really dreamed of the game, experiencing a genuine passion for the gameplay. It is the passion and desire to constantly overcome difficulties that helps to imperceptibly grow, constantly pumping personal poker skills.
The relatively free schedule of the day can also be attributed to the pluses. It is relative because playing poker professionally you still have to adjust to the time zones of recreational players when their number in the room is at the maximum mark. In principle, that's all, the rest of the time can be mastered by you and you have the right to manage it at your discretion. 
Another point to the pluses is the possibility of earning really big money. Your level of play and good earnings are mutually correlated concepts, the second smoothly follows from the first and depends on it almost 100%. Let's not take into account the random shots of amateur players who win millions of dollars in one tournament. We're talking about a professional career where hours of playing and constant work on the game eventually brings bonuses in the form of generous prize money.

Cons of being a professional poker player
The most obvious point, of course, is the dispersion. Particularly weak-willed players are particularly susceptible to the oppression of dispersion, sometimes some may even leave poker because they are tired of resisting both financially and morally. If you see yourself as one of these players, accepting the inevitable presence of dispersion in poker is vital.
As a disadvantage we also include here the necessity of having starting capital, or simply speaking, a good bankroll. Of course, you can win some kind of tournament and wisely manage the winnings, turning them into an effective bankroll for playing tournaments or cash games. But not everyone is so lucky, many uncover their wallets and piggy banks, shaking out almost all their savings. You should not do this either, your starting bankroll should be a sum that will not drive you into a financial dead end. In other words, you do not need to sell a car or an apartment to become a professional player, a smaller sum is enough. The main thing is to rely on the level of dispersion in your chosen discipline, the higher it is, the more your bankroll in buy-ins is required.
Obviously we also put fatigue in the cons. They say, tell a factory worker about fatigue, working an 8-hour shift at the machine. But believe it, sometimes poker will wear you out worse than traditional activities. Of course, an offline game is significantly different from an online one by the possibility of communication and frequent picture changes. But mental processes require a lot of energy, and a game session, which lasts for the same 8 hours long, may seem like a real test for some. Taking a short two/three-day break from poker is not a mistake, on the contrary, the extra shake-up and distraction will play into your hands later on.

In conclusion, we can say that poker for money is a similar job, and the decision to become a poker pro should be clear and balanced. But even playing poker as an amateur these days, you can still find a great game and earn good money. Download the Suprema Poker app, register and join the largest club OASIS (ID 77777), where almost 3,000 tables are played daily and at any limits.

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