Obvious secrets that the richest poker players hide from you

In order to achieve some success in a particular field of activity, the right approach is to find and follow the example of those people who have already climbed to the top or have achieved some success in their field. It's the same with poker. In this material, we will go through the most popular basics, adhering to which you will achieve good results of your poker career. 
Obvious secrets that the richest poker players hide from you

1️⃣ Try to play mainly against weak opponents
The only way to succeed long distance in poker is to play against players who are weaker than you. Imagine that in the ranking of the top players in the world you climbed to 10th place, but you will only play with the top nine. What will happen? That's right, sooner or later your entire bankroll will move to those nine strongest ones.
Some people incorrectly think that it is necessary to play against opponents with a similar level and skills. This is true, but only until the moment when the question does not concern the financial component. Indeed, sometimes it is necessary to make trips to the tables where quite strong opponents play, but it is not necessary to do this on purpose. The ideal option would be some kind of tournament where, thanks to randomness, you can meet both sharks and fish at the same table. Properly analyzing the draw lines and carefully watching professional players, you can also upgrade your skills without serious losses in the bankroll.
You need to understand a simple thing, poker is not a game of luck, but of skill, and at a distance a positive result will be brought rather by playing against opponents who are much weaker than you.

2️⃣ Give yourself time to succeed
Poker is not a story about momentary enrichment, it may seem to the laymen that money can be earned here without much effort.
Yes, sometimes there are cases when amateurs win several hundred thousand dollars and even millions in a few days. But these cases are only exceptions to the rules; professional players are familiar with such a word as dispersion. Often, poker pros can play for months or even years without great results, and even their previous successes will hardly cover the financial expenses. 
Therefore, it is necessary to free your head from thoughts of instant enrichment. Only hard work on the game and many hours of time spent will eventually bring you the desired income.

3️⃣ Do not forget about the psychological component
Knowing the rules and studying the strategies of the game are certainly important, but do not forget about the mental part of the question. Without it in poker, especially at a distance, it will be very difficult to achieve good results. The enemies of a poker player are tilt and dispersion, and not every player can find composure in himself and overcome them.
In reality, falling into tilt after another lost pot with aces can sometimes result in a complete loss of the bankroll. A player, controlled not by common sense, but by negative emotions, ceases to control himself and over time simply drains his money literally into the toilet, trying to win back the lost funds like in a casino.
On the other hand, dispersion acts in a different way. If tilt is a conditionally fast killer, then dispersion will spread your torment for weeks and even months. The lack of results in the long term also hurts the feelings of many players, causing some of them to leave the game forever. 
All this happens because of a banal misunderstanding of a simple truth -  in no way should tilt and dispersion affect the emotional component of the player. These are the basic elements of the game that have always existed and will exist in poker, and you just have to come to terms with it.

4️⃣ Play not for money
No matter how strange it may sound, but those top poker players, who are now headed by the first lines of The Hendon Mob, did not set themselves the goal of earning a lot of money playing poker.
Many of them became interested in this game as students, some friends told the rules of the game at a random party, they did not have a goal to make money. In case you have been playing poker for a long time, you will agree that this type of activity can hardly be considered as a relatively stable way to earn money.
Most of the top players on their way to the top of the poker Olympus have one thing in common: one day they simply fell in love with this game and began to study its rules and learn strategies with particular passion. Many of them did not even notice how they began to win one victory after another in their passion, and the number of zeros in their bank accounts kept increasing and increasing.
The secret is simple, like in any other hobby, business, etc. Only by enjoying the work that you are doing, only with this approach you can expect excellent results in the future.