Let’s find out  when it's time to move up the limit

Like in business, in poker all actions taken must be justified and supported by facts. Forced assault on limits in poker in 9 cases out of 10 will turn into a disaster for you with a complete reset of cash in your poker client. If you are thinking about moving up the limits, you need to be 100% sure that it is time to do so. Many players mistakenly try to play higher limits to win back the results of a losing session, or simply play more expensive limits without playing them regularly. In this article, we will try to understand the issue of moving up limits and focus on the most important aspects.
Let’s find out  when it's time to move up the limit

✅ The level of play and competent bankroll management
It is important to understand where we are at the moment with our level of knowledge. Comparing ourselves and the playing field, can we honestly say to ourselves that we easily beat the limits we play? It is better not to answer this question on your own, but to turn to statistics for help and evaluate the results of the game in financial terms. Of course, the results must be summed up not by the results of two or three successfully played sessions, but at a range of six months or a year. Upstreaks happen to every player, and we must take this into account when analyzing.
Considering all this, with proper bankroll management, calculate whether you have enough funds to jump to a higher limit. For example, for a comfortable cash game, you need at least 40-50 buy-ins. Discipline and attentiveness at a range will play a significant role in your success.
Go and check out games with higher limits and try to watch your rivals, trying to notice their mistakes. The more misses you find with your opponents, the more likely it is to move up and gain a foothold at this limit.

✅ Smart Poker ThinkingThis aspect is one of the most important in terms of movement within the limits.
Players simply cannot accept the fact of having a lot of money at the limits they play. Moreover, they start to worry and are afraid of their loss. Some even make adjustments to their well-adjusted game strategy, after which, of course, the majority are defeated.
The issue of money should not affect you in any way, your task as a professional player is to play your game clearly and smoothly. Concentration and once again concentration, playing at a higher limit is a responsible matter, requiring some preparation both from a technical point of view and from a mental one.
Be confident in yourself, try to be in a good mood most of the time, if this requires any restrictions in communication. If certain factors work just to oppress your mood, do your best to exclude them from your life. Don't make the most common mistake of amateurs trying to win back their losses at stakes they have never played before.

✅ Surround yourself with like-minded people
Do you remember the story with the jar of pickles? If an ordinary cucumber is placed in a jar with salted ones, after a while it will become a pickled cucumber in any way. Everything is the same with poker, surrounding yourself with people who understand this game at least more than you, you will absorb and adopt knowledge and strategies from them like a sponge without noticing it.
Feel free to chat on various topical poker forums, analyzing hands and actively discussing. If you feel that your knowledge is constantly growing, we return to the first point and just play our poker - clear, focused and cool, as a result of which the growth in limits will be a pleasant bonus for you, as well as a constantly growing bankroll.
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