HUD for PPPoker

Most professional poker players use special auxiliary software, which makes it much easier to make decisions in the hands. Moreover, the user has access to his own statistics, which allows him to analyze the history of played hands in more detail and work on mistakes. What about the HUD for PPPoker?
HUD for PPPoker

Considering that PPPoker is not a classic poker room, but a mobile application, the integration of popular programs for PPPoker, like HM, is not directly possible. There is already a standard HUD in the application itself, but for most users it may seem unusual to use it.

Let's see how you can integrate the popular Holdem Manager 2 and PokerTracker due to a special PPPoker HUD converter. If properly configured, the HUD on the Windows platform will be launched simultaneously with the installed HM.

Launch HUD:

- Register on the site and download the installation file.

- Click "Run as administrator" at the same time with HM or PokerTracker, depending on the selected program.

- The "hh" folder for PPPoker is placed in HM or PokerTracker

As you can see, everything is simple. Right after that you can use your assistants  in your game. Once the trial period is over, the software will cost you $60 per month.
When downloading the program, it may happen that your antivirus program will react and point to an error in the software. Do not worry, the downloaded file does not contain any malware and is completely safe.

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