How to work on a game properly

We simply believe that it is important not just to do theory, but to do it meaningfully and in a comfortable environment. Here's what we recommend:
How to work on a game properly

Find a place where you will feel calm. Let no one distract you and find a room where it is quiet.

Make a schedule. A very important skill that will require discipline is sticking to the plan. You will gradually learn to work more efficiently, but you definitely need to start by creating the habit of not skipping lessons.

Set clear goals. If you grab everything at once, you will quickly get tired and burn out. Each lesson should have a specific topic. And when you're done dealing with something, celebrate it, give yourself a gift. This way classes will become meaningful, and the process will be more enjoyable.

Take breaks. Move, walk, relax. Working long hours without stopping will only lead to loss of concentration and low productivity.

Add variety to the process. Keep yourself motivated by doing different things. Watch videos, read articles, practise in simulators, discuss hands in groups - don't let yourself get bored! And be sure to ask coaches or friends for help if necessary.

To include work on the game in your schedule, you must first create this schedule! 

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