Boost poker endurance and focus fast with RP UNION tips.

Enhance poker focus and stamina with our tips on RP UNION. Recall the rationale of school and university lessons – 45 to 90 minutes. The brain's logical part sustains attention, followed by activation of the creative hemisphere. Learn to optimize sessions for peak performance!
Boost poker endurance and focus fast with RP UNION tips.

Guys, today we will give you recommendations on how to improve concentration and endurance during sessions
Let's remember the time of active learning: lessons at school are 45 minutes each, at the institute - 90 minutes each. Why was such a time period taken as a basis? The fact is that the logical part of the brain holds attention for a limited period of time, and then the creative hemisphere is activated.

Due to the creative part, players play the most non-standard hands, which are then embarrassing to show even to friends. After a short rest, logic takes over again and you can continue to show the A and B game!
The duration of the break is 3-5 minutes. Exactly enough not to be kicked from the tables with good lineups. You should take a walk to warm up, drink water and activate your body with movements.
Intervals for breaks. Depending on endurance, you can use intervals with different frequencies.

Break frequency:

1️⃣ Every 25 minutes - for those who do not have enough concentration. For example, 25-3-25-3-25-3-25-3-25 is the easiest way to concentrate.
2️⃣ Every 45 minutes - for those who can play an hour without fatigue: 45-3-45-3-45
3️⃣ Every 90 minutes - for those who are ready to play for hours and cannot stop. A short rest of 3 minutes will increase the concentration and quality of decisions by 20-30%
4️⃣ You can also combine all 3 ways: 95-3-45-3-45-3-25-3-25 and make a kind of hybrid.

It is quite difficult to say specifically which of the schemes is right for you, and therefore we advise you to conduct a test. Try playing with each of the schemes above and you will immediately understand which one gives you the most increase in concentration and work capacity.

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