How to avoid difficult situations on the post-flop?

If we were asked what we need to do to get into a difficult situation post-flop, we would answer: "Get to the late street with the most shitty range possible, preferably on the most moronic line." This is going to be a generic recipe.
How to avoid difficult situations on the post-flop?

Example 1:
We 3bet SB vs BU with JJ, the flop is A55 (we won't check at all on this board, we play 100% continuation betting), instead we check, get bet, and call. On the turn we check again and the opponent bets small/medium. The situation is already borderline enough, but suppose we choose to call. On the river, we get another bet, or a push. And people start thinking here: “On the one hand, no one bluffs like that, on the other hand, I checked all the streets, he can start putting bluffs into my capped range. And if I throw out jacks right now, then what should I hit the river with? There are too many questions that you cannot find answers to, and all because you do not understand at all what range your opponent has right now. Then people start to climb into popups, try to see something there and randomly press either call or fold. We had a super easy spot, instead we got fucked up on the river in a line where we shouldn't have ended up with jacks at all. Now we sit and think what to do.

Example 2
Somehow we lost one hand. The opponent is a fish, but from the side of the hero strange things happen starting from the turn. Naturally, his question was: "Do you think there is a call on the river?". And we don't know, because hero played a super strange line, and now the fish's range is not clear at all. Whether there are real nuts, or he is just being aggressive on small sizes (and fish can be aggressive on this, believe me).

If you don't want to end up in these spots, play more default lines and stick to preflop ranges. If you like these experimental lines, then before playing them, carefully check with Range Research (a powerful tool for analyzing the ranges of your opponents and the general tendencies of the field) how the field reacts to them, and use this as an exploit.

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