Features of playing multi-table tournaments at PPPoker

Almost perfect lineups in the PPPoker app attract thousands of fans of multi-table tournaments from all over the world. Tournament poker is as popular as cash one. A feature of the game on PPPoker is the fact that it is quite easy to win a significant amount in MTT tournaments.
Features of playing multi-table tournaments at PPPoker

There are a lot of tables of various limits in the pp poker application, allotted specifically for tournaments. Having pppoker hosting on your phone, it is enough to have a pppoker account from an agent to take part in them and play for money. After that, you need to join any of the private clubs, and already there register for the tournament.
To earn money in MTT tournaments, it is enough to finish on any of the prize-winning places. The better the result and the higher the final position is, the higher the prize money is.
To take part in multi-table tournaments by taking PPPoker you need to select the tournament you like in the lobby of the club you are a member of and register.

Strategy for playing MTT tournaments
In the PP poker application, the game is one of the best, the entire path through the tournament can be divided into three components, following which you will easily take prizes.

The first levels of the game
At this stage, a lot of participants leave the tournament. Try to play poker in a tighter style at the very beginning, your task is to catch your opponents on stupid bluffs, since there are plenty of fish players on PPPoker. In a word, aggression at the first levels should be justified, and bluffs should be justified.

It's time to get active here, the blinds are growing from level to level, now our task is to earn the chips. The payout zone is getting closer, many players will narrow their ranges, and we must exploit this. Turn on the aggression, feel free to bluff, especially against amateurs, many of whom will just sit through the prizes. In a word, at this stage we play as actively as possible, but at the same time in a reasonable and balanced way.

Final table
If you are lucky enough to make it to the final table, look at your stack size.
If there are few chips - the strategy is the simplest. You should not wait until your chips are eaten by the blinds, you have little chance of winning, so feel free to send decent hands in all-in;
With a medium stack, try to be more restrained. Of course, the chip leaders will put pressure on you, but the stack depth will already allow you to maneuver skillfully. 
With the chipleading stack, you should play as aggressively as possible. Your goal is the middle stacks, they are the ones you need to put pressure on if there are a sufficient number of short stacks players at the table. But be careful, in just a couple of laps you can easily be left without a single chip.