Does the development of AI carry risks to poker?

In the last week of March 2023, almost 2.5K prominent representatives of various fields - including Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Christoph Koch - signed an open letter for the suspension of experiments with artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence, AI)
Does the development of AI carry risks to poker?

Since the development of AI also affects poker, most modern solvers and other tools for players use it for spot calculations. We decided to go into this topic by looking at the possible risks and positives for poker.

On March 30, 2023, poker player, RunItOne founder Phil Galfond, who has been working with AI poker software for many years, released a video on his channel with the title "Is AI Killing Poker". In this video, Phil makes three interesting conclusions:

AI solvers do not threaten poker in any way.

Although they improve the level of your game, in fact they only give an understanding of the optimal lines, but they are not able to teach you how to play perfectly against all the individual characteristics of your opponents.

A person is not physically able to remember all the solving strategies - there are too many combinations of possible hands, flops, turns, rivers, boards in general, your actions and the actions of opponents, they differ between disciplines and game formats. Even if you can use the solver directly during the game - and this has long been prohibited by online rooms - you will not have enough time to enter all the information on the distribution and make calculations, especially in multiways.

Bots are less of a threat to poker than tipsters (RTA).

This may sound counter-intuitive to someone, but it is a fact. RTA does not play itself, but is used by a person when making decisions. The bot plays by itself, and behaves quite typically at the table, and this allows rooms to figure it out.

The use of AI by the rooms to find scammers.

Quite smart people run poker rooms. First, they understand that the presence of "ideal" players negatively affects the reputation of the company and repels amateurs from it. Secondly, they follow the advanced developments of poker and know what they have to deal with. To some extent, there is a constant "AI arms race" between the scammers and the SB rooms, which does not affect the majority of the players.

Phil also shared an unexpected fact in his video. According to him, from 70% to 90% of all room players - the number depends on its popularity and the level of regulation - play for zero or minus. In such a situation, it makes no sense for the security service to spend resources on controlling the major part of the players, so it monitors the remaining 30% - 10% of the field, paying special attention to those who are consistently profitable.


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