8 exploits for low and medium stakes players

Just implement these tips into the game right away and your win rate will skyrocket‼️
8 exploits for low and medium stakes players

Just implement these tips into the game right away and your win rate will skyrocket‼️

1️⃣ Play MUCH tighter than you think
Ranges in chipEV are old. Just compare 3bet defense range in chipEV's and ICM's - the latter is much tighter.

2️⃣ Constant winning the money is more important than one big prize
Dreaming of a big prize doesn't improve your results. It causes a lot of stress and pressure in deepruns, which negatively affects the game. It’s better for you to prepare for a solid game and more frequent ITMs.

3️⃣ Poker is fun, but making money playing is boring as hell
Poker is like fishing: most of the time you have to wait for a good situation. Poker is not as fun as it is shown on TV and social media. Beginners see big hands with bluffs and hero calls at  high stakes and think that's how money is made. This does not work at low and medium stakes. Don't learn from these videos. This is a different pool where the best play against the best. In reality, this is 1% of all players. Making money at low and medium stakes is not as fun as you might imagine.

4️⃣ Don't bluff big against unknown opponents
Good bluff spots are 2-5% of all hands. It takes a lot of effort to figure out bluffs. It turns out that there is a lot of effort, but little reward. If you're trying to get your opponents to fold a top pair at low and medium stakes, of course they won't fold. Many players do not understand the relative strength of hands. And you are an idiot if they don’t fold the top pair,not them.

5️⃣ Don't be afraid to make a big value bet on the river
Especially if the board structure hasn't changed much by the river. For example:

K♣️ 7♠️ 5♦️ 2♦️ 2♥️

3♥️ 4♦️ T♦️ A♣️ 9♠️

Or on more dynamic boards:

J♠️ T♣️ 8♠️ 3♦️ 6♣️

Q♣️ T♣️ 8♥️ 5♥️ 3♦️

If an opponent calls the flop and turn on these boards, he usually has the top pair or second pair with a strong kicker. I have a rule for boards like this: Overbet the value on the river. You don't need to level your opponent, like, I'll bet 1/3 now - and he will reraise. Forget it. Opponents don't even know what blockers are and what it's like to turn a hand into a bluff. On these boards with strong hands, just go all-in on the river for value. If you get to the river but are unsure of the strength of your hand, bet 2/3 of the pot.

6️⃣ Do not think too much in situations where you want to play a hero call
If the opponent called the flop, called the turn and raised on the river, this indicates strength. Don't force yourself to look for a hero call. Just throw away the cards.

7️⃣ "Show all your GTO against amateurs"
Thoughts about balance, about blockers are nonsense against amateurs. Use the correct sizing. You play No Limit Hold'em. If you want to isolate the fish with JTs, play 3bet up to 5bb. But with pocket AAs push all 8 or 10 bbs. The pool of players is too big, no one cares about the balance here. Use max sizing to get the most value. It also works on the flop. If you want to protect your hand or are unsure of your strength, bet 1/3 or 1/4. If I hit top pair and know the opponent is going to call with second pair, I'll push a bet pot.

8️⃣ Fold against all these lines
If someone check-raises on the flop, bets on the turn, and bets big (even all-in) on the river, just fold. Don't even try to think about blockers. Don't think about balance and minimum protection frequency. Your opponent definitely has a hand.
The second line is 3bet pots. If someone re-raises you on the flop and bets three barrels, fold.
Or if the opponent calls a 3-bet preflop, raises on the flop, bets on the turn, and all-in on the river, that's also a fold. Fold your overpair - your opponent always has a set. Exception: if you play against a "maniac".

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