5 best poker books for beginners

If you're just getting started in the world of poker and don't yet understand the basic concepts of the game, these books will help you lay the groundwork for theory
5 best poker books for beginners

1️⃣ "Harrington on Hold'em" in three volumes

This is the base for MTT players.  You can find what the styles of play are, what to look for at the table, the basics of understanding preflop play and tournament dynamics. The first and second volumes are devoted to theory with examples of hands, the third - only to hands.

2️⃣ The theory of poker by David Sklansky 

Expectation, EV, pot odds (real and implied), bluffing, semi-bluffing - all these concepts are covered in the book. Someone will like this book better than Harrington's books

3️⃣ “Poker: detailed plan”, Tri Nguyen 

In English the book is called The Poker Blueprint: Advanced Strategies. The book is devoted to poker mathematics, a number of chapters are devoted to post-flop. It is harder to read than other books from the top.

4️⃣ “The mental game of poker" in two volumes, Jared Tendler 

Where emotions come from in poker and how to deal with them - both books are devoted to the psychology of the game

5️⃣ The body language of poker, Mike Caro 

The only offline tellz book of its kind. Like Paul Ekman's Lie to Me, only about poker.

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