Upoker Poker Room – Poker App Platform Overview
Upoker Poker Room – Poker App Platform Overview

Upoker Poker Room – Poker App Platform Overview

Tracker support:


Game types:

PLO (4-6)
Great action
Rakeback up to 60%
Players from different continents
Agency cash desk
Withdrawal of money within 2-5 minutes
Online support 24/7
Help in choosing a club


Upoker is an Asian mobile poker app that launched in 2018 following its predecessor PPPoker. Playing for real money in the poker room takes place in closed clubs, and agents pay out deposits. There are many clubs from Russia and CIS countries. The poker room belongs to the category "B", meaning high popularity, stable online, the presence of the lion's share of players with mediocre level. In authoritative rankings, it often follows PPPoker.

Upoker is designed for smartphones, tablets and other devices with different screen resolutions. There are no geographic restrictions. No VPN or other privacy settings are required to run.

Benefits of the Upoker Platform

  • Software of good quality
  • Vertical layout even on PC
  • Offline network failure protection
  • Playing in the application is as convenient as at home
  • Security system includes GPS tracker
  • The poker room is not regulated by tax laws
  • Verified RNG
  • No VPIP/PFR requirements
  • Agency cash desk
  • Rakeback up to 60%
  • Focus on hold'em and omaha
  • Absensce of ante and straddle
  • No sports insurance
  • 24/7 support
  • Many very weak players
  • A large number of private clubs
  • There are multi-table tournaments
  • Bot detection and tracking by IP

Upoker does not have any restrictions for citizens of all countries, including Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. Compared to traditional poker rooms, there are UPoker Unions, which include large alliances from Asia, Russia and Latin America. Tournaments run by alliances bring together players from various clubs that have their own management and limits. The level of players in Upoker is rather weak, at the level of an amateur. At the tables you can meet opponents from such countries as the USA, Malaysia, Israel, Brazil, the Philippines, Australia. Regardless of the country and legislation, everyone can play Upoker legally, because the poker room holds games for play money. But at the same time, the application gives access to private environment with closed clubs and already for real money. For this you need to find a professional agent and join the club you need.

Upoker Features

Participation in tournaments does not require identity verification and direct payments, which is important for those countries where gambling is prohibited. There are a lot of active games 24/7 here, as they can be played in different time zones. The Multi Skreen system makes it possible, if you have an account, to play with a PC at four gaming tables at the same time. The application is protected by a security system, as is the personal information of club members. Due to more favorable conditions for servicing private clubs (purchasing diamonds, opening tables and other expenses), a steady migration from the PPPoker application to the Upoker poker room is seen. The application itself is convenient, informative and constantly updated. The developers of the application are responsible for the platform itself, while cash transactions are carried out by the management of each club separately. On the official website of UPoker, everyone can verify the accuracy of the information provided. Many people are wondering how long UPoker has been in the app market. For players, the stable work of the platform, prompt support service, and sufficient round-the-clock online are important. All this is confirmed by the successful functioning of the system since 2018. Despite the relatively long history of the platform, there are not many regulars (professional players) using it. The currency used is determined by the club itself (among the common options are the US dollar, euro, yuan, rupees, baht). The game is played directly on game chips tied to a particular currency.


If you like to play at multiple tables, download Upoker. A simple interface does not overload mobile devices, so you can successfully play the game at 4 tables at once from your smartphone. There is a version for those who like to play on a PC. You no longer need to use an emulator, and you can also choose your preferred language, including English or Russian.

Rake and rakeback

Among the most popular games are Omaha, Hold'em and Chinese poker. On the PPPoker platform, you will find all their varieties, so each user will find their seat at the table. The size of the rake is set by the owner of each club, usually it is 5% with a cap of 3BB. But sometimes the club administrator can determine a higher percentage. There is no rake from preflop! The possibility of rakeback can reach 60%, it depends on the conditions of a particular club.



To become a member of the international poker community and start playing for real money, you need to get an invitation from an agent and join the club that he recommends. Deposits are credited via agents, who actually simultaneously perform the functions of cashiers and player support services. It is worth mentioning at the same time that the choice of a trusted club and agent is of great importance for a game of good quality. Upoker poker room allows gambling for players of all skill levels. All players of the rapidly developing poker community receive rakeback in all clubs without exception, which is 30-60% depending on the club. The system of closed private clubs on the Upoker app provides a unique gaming experience and offers various poker options: NLH, MTT, PLO, OFC. The poker room has no withdrawal fees and offers countless promotions and bonuses (smilies, table themes, interesting and useful features)

Maximum limits

The most expensive game is played in Heads Up PLO 600 - PLO 1.5k, and also in five card Omaha PLO 300 - PLO 1.5k.

NLH Limits

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In case of problems related to your Upoker account, we recommend that you first of all contact your agent directly.


Account verification is not required! You can evaluate the possibilities of the Upoker application in guest mode even without making a deposit. But in order to play for real money and win, you need to create your account. Please note that the number of registrations per player is limited. Among the latest updates to the application is the ability to sign in with your Apple or Facebook account, which is very convenient. To install UPoker, go to the main page of our website and download the application, Android, iOS and Windows versions will be available for you

Download Upoker

After downloading and installing, launch the application and click on “Register here”
Enter your username and create your password then complete the registration.
In the new window that opens, scroll through the conditions use to the very bottom and confirm with a tick your consent, then click the “Confirm” button
Enter your date of birth and confirm its credibility is ticked.
Come up with your game nickname and confirm it.
To join the club you need, click on  in the upper right corner of the screen and enter the club ID.
After the club administrator confirms your request, You will be automatically added to the club you need