Review of online poker game PokerBros
Review of online poker game PokerBros

Review of online poker game PokerBros

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Game types:

NLH (FLH\6+)
PLO (4-6)
Popular action
Rakeback up to 70%
Players from USA and Canada
Agency cash desk
Withdrawal within 5 minutes
Support 24\7
Help in choosing a club


PokerBros is the new Asian club poker app both for beginners and for pros. The application appeared at the end of 2019 and immediately gained wide popularity among poker fans, since the main goal is to introduce a conceptually new platform for the game, players from more than 100 countries are active users!

PokerBros is designed as a mobile application, so it has a vertical orientation and a typical interface for poker applications.

Platform Benefits

  • The platform has been tested for compliance with Gaming Labs standards
  • Regular freerolls and tournaments with various buy-ins
  • Honest and verified RNG
  • Work through closed and private clubs
  • Improved interface and good graphics
  • Informative and user-friendly software
  • Rich selection of styles and game modes
  • There is multi-tabling
  • You can add notes to other players
  • Convenient and fast transfer of chips between clubs
  • Online tournaments with 5- and 6- digit guarantees
  • High rakeback (up to 60%)
  • Cash desk works via professional agents
  • Many amateurs and weak players
  • The most active players receive daily bonuses
  • There is Russian-language support
  • Main traffic from the USA, Canada and Latin America


Launched in 2019, the PokerBros mobile app currently brings together tens and hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world. A large part of them are users from the United States with medium and high incomes. This can be successfully used to win large sums, especially since many Western players treat poker not as a source of income, but as entertainment, and do not skimp on replenishing deposits. A distinctive feature of the PokerBros application is private gaming clubs. You can get into the number of players only by invitation, which, on the one hand, cuts off all kinds of scammers, and on the other hand, makes the game more atmospheric.



What are the conceptual differences?

Forget about the usual poker rooms where you used to play. PokerBros is a completely different level, and deposits here are made within a specific (closed) club. It has its own game currency (conditional “chips”), which can be exchanged for real money through professional agents. Clubs can form alliances with common playing fields, and hold joint tournaments among proven, and most importantly, solvent participants. The advantages also include compatibility with all mobile gadgets (released after 2018), and full Russian-language support. Admins always respond to requests and help in solving gaming and technical issues.


The platform features advanced graphics and an extended set of user settings. The design of the application is original, the menu is concise and convenient, and the design of the tables is quite funny. You can choose either a ready-made game table theme or apply the settings as you wish: change the table cloth, background and look of the card backs in the deck. The menu has tabs, one of which is "Settings". Here you can turn on / off the sound, change the password, customize the theme, choose one of eight languages, contact technical support, find information about the rules of the community and user conditions.

Community Poker Bros

The essence of participation in a certain club is the acceptance of certain rules of this closed community. It creates its own tournaments, cash tables, SNG format mini-games and many other activities. Currency, rakeback and other points directly depend on the club. These are some kind of closed rooms with a rating, a unique tournament grid and limits. Clubs, in turn, unite into alliances that hold larger events with significantly larger prize pools.

Deposits and cashouts

Poker platforms like PokerBros are somewhat different from their traditional counterparts. In comparison with them, a deposit is made to a specific closed club, which can only be entered after confirmation of your request by the club manager. All transactions for the purchase and exchange of chips are carried out via professional agents. Deposits and withdrawals of money are possible upon request to all possible popular payment systems, as well as with the help of cryptocurrency (USDT and Bitcoin).

Rake and rakeback

Among the most popular games are Omaha, Hold'em and Chinese poker. On the PPPoker platform, you will find all their varieties, so each user will find their place at the table. The size of the rake is set by the owner of each club, usually it is 5% with a cap of 3BB. But sometimes the club administrator can determine a higher percentage. There is no rake from preflop! The possibility of rakeback can reach 60%, it depends on the conditions of a particular club.

Our site gives you the opportunity to play on the PPPoker platform in our personal clubs and unions, as well as more than 20 clubs on six other platforms.

Bonus system

PokerBros has set up a bonus system for highly active players with daily extra chips. PokerBros in the general sense is not a centralized poker room, but a platform for private online poker clubs and unions. Bonus systems are implemented within each private club individually. New players get the opportunity to take advantage of various bonuses and promotions, it all depends on the club and, of course, the loyalty of the administrator of this club. Bonuses can be different: first deposit bonus, high rakeback, tickets to online tournaments or even different gadgets (such as smartphones or tablets).


In case of problems related to your PokerBros account, we recommend that you first of all contact your agent directly.


You can evaluate the capabilities of the PPPoker application in guest mode even without making a deposit. But in order to play for real money and win, you need to create your account. Please note that the number of player registrations is limited. Among the latest updates of the application, there is an opportunity to log in from your Facebook, Google, VK, Apple account, which is very convenient.

Download PokerBros

After downloading and installing, launch the application and click on “Register”
Enter your username and create your password, then complete the registration.
In the new window that opens, scroll down to the bottom of the terms of use and confirm your agreement with a tick, then click the “Confirm” button
Come up with your nickname and confirm it.
Enter your date of birth and verify it is correct with a tick.
To join the club you need, click on "Search" in the upper right corner of the screen and enter the club ID.
After the club administrator confirms your request, you will automatically will be added to the club you need.


Our site gives you the opportunity to play on the PokerBros platform in our personal clubs and unions, as well as more than 20 clubs on six other platforms.